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Sorry for not updating sooner -- my only excuse is that I've been drowning in Captain America feels. Anyway, here are the results of the fandom poll (now closed), and a new poll to further narrow down the list. Any fandoms with no votes has been struck from the second poll. Any fandom with only one vote after the SECOND poll will be struck from the final list, as that means it is likely unmatchable. If your fandom only has one vote but you know other people write for it, encourage them to participate in the poll (but please make sure they are going to participate in the remix!).

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Also, re: the Wild-Card. About 25% of participants said they were not interested in a wild-card, while the other 75% said yes or maybe. So the wild-card will happen, but you are not required to participate in it if you qualify in at least one of the final fandoms. If, however, you only qualify as a wild-card, you will also have to participate as a wild-card.

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I was asked for a list of the fandoms currently in the qualifying poll. Please note: just because a fandom is listed here does NOT mean it will definitely be in the final list of qualifying fandoms. However, the more people there are who write a fandom, the more likely it is to be in the final list. So think of this list as a guideline, and if there's one on here that you really want to remix, encourage others to write for it and vote for it.

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This weekend, I will have a post with current poll numbers on the listed fandoms, as well as a list of the write-ins. There will probably be a second poll, which will weed out fandoms with one or no votes and add in the more popular write-ins. When the second poll goes live, the original one will be closed.
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I've had several questions regarding the possibility of the Wild-Card, so I thought it would be a good idea to start some real discussion of it.

I see it working like this:

To be a wild-card remixee, you must still meet the three-or-five rule in the qualifying fandoms, but the stories that count do not have to all be in the same fandom. For example, let's say you've written two 500-word stories with women in Supernatural and one 500-word story in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Woo-hoo, you can sign up to be remixed by a wild-card participant! If you do meet the requirements for regular qualification, you can still sign up to be a wild-card remixee, but you are not required to do so. Furthermore, you can still be matched on the fandoms you qualify with even if you sign up for the wild-card.

To be a wild-card remixer, you are agreeing to potentially be assigned an author with whom you do not share any fandoms. For example, you only read/write Battlestar Galactica, but you signed up for the wild-card and were assigned someone who has only written Star Wars! You have two options: you can either research the fandom and try to access some of the canon and then write your remix, or you can remix blind and use only the author's works as the source for your story, whichever works best for you.


Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
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[Eventually I will work out the kinks and quit posting about qualifying fandoms so damn much. Hopefully this post will help to alleviate that.]

Now polling for potential qualifying fandoms. Anticipated sign-up dates are May 1-7, with stories due July 1. (These dates are not definite, but the remix will not start any earlier than that due to real-life commitments I have and to give interested writers plenty of time to make sure they qualify.)

This is not the definitive list. It is based on the fandoms most often mentioned in the preliminary posts at my DW and femmeremix. There is an option to add other fandoms in which you qualify.

Qualifying means that you have written at least THREE stories with female characters of 500+ words or FIVE stories with female characters of 100+ words in that fandom.

Official poll is HERE.
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So, based on my extremely scientific method of asking people what they've written, here is the preliminary list of fandoms used as "qualifying fandoms." (By "qualifying fandoms," I mean that anyone who signs up should fit the base requirement of THREE 500+ word stories OR FIVE 100+ word stories in at least one of those fandoms by the end of sign-ups.)

Everything listed below were mentioned four times or more as being fandoms they have already written. If there are other fandoms you'd like to be considered "qualifying fandoms" list, please comment here. (It would also be helpful if you can show that there are other authors interested.)

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ETA OFFICIAL POLL HERE. Please direct comments here.


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