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Nominations Query III

First, an update re: previous queries.

  1. We are allowing the nomination for "Hunger Games Series - All Media Types." Since there is relatively little difference between the plots of book series and the film series, it was decided that most remixers would be familiar enough with all characters to remix either media type.

  2. We are splitting Star Wars into three distinct fandoms: "Star Wars Original Trilogy," "Star Wars Prequel Trilogy," and "Star Wars Sequel Trilogy." We had originally accepted "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," but this will be changed to "Star Wars Sequel Trilogy." Currently, that is the only Star Wars fandom nominated, so if you plan to offer fic about the prequels or the original trilogy for the remix, please nominate them before this weekend!

And we have one more query:

  1. Wicked - All Media Types: Because Wicked the book and Wicked the musical are two very distinct fandoms with very different plots, we need the nominator to clarify which fandom they are nominating. Please either alter your nomination or leave a comment here so that one of the mods can alter it for you. Thank you!
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As the nominator for Wicked, I would prefer to nominate "The Wicked Years Series - Gregory Maguire", but I know that a lot of people blend the books and musical in what they write, hence the way I'd nominated it.