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Unofficial check-in!

Hello all! This is just an informal check-in/reminder that stories are due in TWO WEEKS AND TWO DAYS.

This means if you are considering dropping out, now would be a good time to do so to allow pinch-hitters more time to write! This also means that if you have not started writing your story, now would be a good time to go do that.

ALSO, we still have an outstanding pinch-hit for the following fandoms:

Once Upon a Time (TV)
Poltergeist: The Legacy
The Wicked Years Series - Gregory Maguire
Babylon 5

If you are interested in writing in any of those or if you would like the complete list of fandoms this remixee has written, please contact the mods via email at femmeremix at gmail!

And if you are interested in picking up a pinch-hit and have not already signed up for our pinch-hit list, you can do that here!
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I better go back and look at my assignment again... :D