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AO3 Username: theladyscribe
Masterpost URL:
Qualifying Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Supernatural, CW Network RPF
Other Fandoms: Chronicles of Narnia, Hockey RPF, various Yuletide fandoms, a lot of crossovers
Previous Remixes:
The Boundary You Leave Behind (The Fading Shoreline Loop)
Start With a Larger Pot [The Careful Cooking Overdub]
How To Lose Friends and Alienate People (The Enemy of My Enemy Remix)
pie at thirty places (the waitress' interlude)
The American Dream (The Johnny Cougar Improv)
It’s a Hell of a Town (The New York City Serenade)
when the road darkens (a song for our fathers)
The Play’s the Thing (The Stagehand’s Soliloquy)
Words Unspoken [The Courting in the Kitchen Reverb]
Real Person Fiction (The Dinosaur-Punching Overdub)
Safe Story: None

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