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Sign-Ups Now Open!

Sign-ups are now open.

This is mentioned on the sign-up page, but as a reminder, your "requests" are the fandoms in which you qualify for matching. Your "offers" are the fandoms in which you want to remix someone else's works.

You must "request" at least one fandom and may request up to five. You must "offer" at least three fandoms and may offer up to ten.

If you are requesting/offering with more obscure fandoms, you may want to keep an eye on the Signup Summary Page, which shows how many requests and offers have been made in each fandom. You may also want to encourage your friends to either sign up for the challenge themselves or sign up as pinch-hitters, as lower requests and offers can make it harder for us to match you.

If your fandom has a community/group/etc., now is the time to tell them about the challenge!

Pinch-hit sign-ups are also open.

Pinch-hits will go out as-needed and will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. All pinch-hitters will be expected to follow the remix rules (1000+ word remix about at least one female character). As with the regular assignments, pinch-hits are due on July 24. Pinch-hits which are sent out after July 22 will be due on July 29.

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