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Collection Reopening; Outstanding Pinch-Hits

I'll be reopening the collection for pinch-hit submissions and to allow edits in just a few minutes, but we have three unclaimed pinch-hits remaining. Story reveals will happen only after all stories are in, so the faster these get claimed, the more likely we're able to do reveals on schedule. The requests are as follows:

- Pinch Hit 5: Glee, MCU, X-Men First Class, Supernatural CLAIMED

- Pinch Hit 6: MCU, Leverage, Pacific Rim CLAIMED

- Pinch Hit 7: MCU, Supernatural, CW Network RPF CLAIMED

If you are interested/able to remix any of these (or if you know someone who wants to do so), please contact the mods immediately at with your AO3 name and the pinch-hit you want.

Rebloggable version is available here.

Thank you!


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