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We've had some questions pop up in the last couple days re: nominations, and they are ones which require participant input. If you are likely to request or offer any of these fandoms at sign-ups, we would greatly appreciate your comments. As always, mods will have final say, but we want to make informed decisions.

  1. The Hunger Games: Currently, there is a nomination for "Hunger Games Series - All Media Types." If we accept this as-is, then anyone who has written a combination of book-based and movie-based stories which meet our matching criteria is eligible to use this fandom for requests. However, anyone who offers to remix this fandom must be prepared to write a remix for stories which may be based on the books or may be based on the films.

    Neither of the mods are familiar enough with the books or films to know whether there are significant differences between the two media types that would make it difficult-to-impossible for someone familiar with one to remix a story based on the other. If there are not significant differences, we would be amenable to accepting the nomination as-is rather than requiring separate nominations for "Hunger Games Series - Suzanne Collins" and "Hunger Games Series - Movies."

  2. Star Wars: At this point, the only Star Wars film currently nominated is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. However, we had a query about whether the films would be taken as solo films, as separate series (IE, prequels, original trilogy, new series), or as a single umbrella fandom. We are leaning toward accepting these as separate series, with The Force Awakens as a one-off since the challenge will end before any more films are released. We would also be willing to accept the films as an umbrella fandom if there is a consensus among participants.


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